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Why Prestige

As your Prom and Dance photography and planning experts, Prestige will partner with you to meet the needs of your event.

Prestige Prom and Dance Provides:

Background Variety
Choose from a variety of background options that range in design to help capture the elegance of the night or highlight your dance theme.

Multiple Pose Choice
Choosing a pose that feels natural, is relaxed, and makes you look good is an important component of a quality portrait.  Prestige offers a wide variety of up to date posing styles for couples, individuals, and groups for you to choose from or you can make up your own.

Professional Photographers
Prestige photographers are trained to operate the most up to date photography equipment and to use the latest photography techniques to help you look your best.  You can be confident that you will receive the highest quality portraiture that will capture your unique personality and style.

Package Variety
Prestige offers a variety of packages that are customized to fit your portrait displaying and sharing needs.  Designed to be flexible and affordable, each offering provides exceptional value. 

No Hassle Payment Program
Our program comes with a no risk – no worry guarantee.  Students pay for their portraits at the time of photography which means Advisors and Staff do not have to worry about collecting any money before or after the event.  Cash, credit card and checks are accepted. 

Easy Package Distribution
Portraits will be sorted and ready to distribute when they are delivered to the school.  Mailing portraits directly home is another option that is available in specific locations.  Contact your Local Prestige Prom and Dance Photographer for details.

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