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After the Event

When your dance ends, our job continues with focus and detail around processing and delivering the best quality portrait available.

Portrait Processing
With several processing labs across the country, Prestige can ensure swift processing to get your portraits back in a timely manner.  Standard delivery time is one to two weeks after the event.  Expedited delivery is available in most locations.  Check with your local Prestige Representative for more details.

Portrait Delivery
To simplify the distribution of packages once they arrive in the school, Prestige will sort them to your specifications.  A package verification list will be provided to help track which packages have been distributed.  If your event occurs toward the end of the school year, Prestige has a mail home program in which packages can be mailed directly to your guests homes after processing.  Please see your local Prestige Representative for more details.

Prestige will handle all reorder requests for you.  All of your guests will have the ability to reorder photographs if they wish.  Each portrait package will contain instructions as well as specifics on what is available to reorder, the cost and the delivery time.  All reordered photographs will be mailed directly to the address requested.

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