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Before the Event

There are several key things to remember when planning your prom or dance event.  The experts at Prestige are available to help every step of the way.

Below are a couple of key items in which Prestige offers to play an active role to help you ensure you’re on the right track to creating an unforgettable evening.

Identify the Location
When choosing a location to host your prom or dance, be sure to keep in mind the activities that will be taking place there that night like dinner, coronation, portraits, dancing, etc.

Once a location is identified, a Prestige Representative will meet you at the venue to assess the space that has been designated for the photography.  They will be looking for things like ceiling heights, location of electrical outlets, location of restrooms and anything else that will affect the photography set up and traffic flow of participants.

Create the Photography Set
Prestige has a variety of backgrounds and multiple props that can be combined to create a unique setting for your portraits.  Available set designs range from elegant white sweeps to fully themed backgrounds.  A Prestige Prom and Dance Sales Representative will work with you to find the right combination or create something completely new to satisfy your photography set needs. 

Develop a Promotional Plan
A promotional plan is essential in getting your classmates to participate in all activities within the event.  Not only is promoting important, the timing in which you distribute information, what you distribute and the frequency in which it’s distributed relative to the date of the event is important as well.

Prestige will provide posters, table tents and other promotional materials as well as expert advice to generate awareness and participation in one of a kind portraiture that captures individuality and uniqueness in each and every image.

Selecting Party Favors
Providing a gift for your guests to take with them when the night is over has been a long lived tradition.  As you’re planning what to get and where to get it, keep Prestige Prom and Dance Portraits in mind.  We partner with some of the most preferred vendors in the industry and can often offer discounts and coupons to help save money on your event favors.

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