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12 - 6 Months Prior

Form an Event Committee
There are plenty of tasks that need to be completed and details that must come together to pull together a fun event. The more people you have available to help, the better. Be sure to include all who may be interested in helping.

Set a Date and Time
By selecting a date and time early, you eliminate looking for locations and suppliers that are unavailable when you need them. Make sure all dates and times are approved by your school’s administration.

Select a Location
The location you select for your dance event plays a crucial role in the success of the night. Look for locations that provide enough space to accommodate all scheduled activities. Be aware of other activities booked in that location at the same time to assure that there will not be any conflicts. For cost effective ideas, you may want to start by checking the availability of the school’s gymnasium or lunch room.

Select a Theme
Choosing a theme for your event provides a base to work from as well as marks a point in time in life that will be remembered forever. Themes often correspond to current, well known or famous song titles, movies or plays. Use your theme throughout the event in the form of décor, music, party favors and food if applicable.

Your committee will most likely have to raise money to offset the costs of the event. A fundraising strategy should be developed to support the budget needs. There are several options for raising money. Be sure to run your ideas by the school administration for approval.

Selecting Suppliers
The best photography, music and food suppliers are often the busiest. Book them early to assure availability. Have a couple of back-up suppliers in mind in case of last minute changes.

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