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Tips for Planning Your Event

Remember to get Administrator approval before signing any contracts and publishing any dates.

- Create a schedule of times to meet that are convenient for all members
- Develop an agenda to keep meetings on track
- Assign tasks to members ensuring key projects get completed without duplicating efforts and wasting time
- Document action items and make sure that each member receives a copy

- Outline any criteria the theme must meet and hold a brain storming session
- Consider a theme that is easily visualized and publicized
- Determine a color scheme for the theme

- Select a site that is relatively easy to find 
- Look for a place with adequate space to accommodate all activities taking place through out the night
- Ask for referrals
- Book Early

- Consider food that complements your event’s theme
- Consider buffet style vs. a sit down dinner
- Review the budget to determine the impact on ticket prices
- Provide plenty of beverages
- Consider donating left over food to a homeless shelter; be sure to coordinate this in advance

- Keep decorations consistent with the theme of the event
- Use a consistent color scheme
- Have adequate supplies to cover the areas to be decorated
- Consider using balloons, centerpieces, plants, confetti and signage
- Recruit as many volunteers as possible to help decorate

- Brainstorm fundraising activities that have been successful in the past
- Start early – the more time you have the more money you can earn
- Consider have sponsors or selling ad space and coupons in the program
- Solicit donations for goods and services needed for the event

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