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Products and Services

As the Nation’s leading Photography Company, at Prestige we strive for only the highest quality portraiture.  We feature new and unique portrait styles and offer multiple poses of each to choose from.  This ensures that you feel comfortable in your pose and that you are getting the look you desire. 

Portrait Packages
To accommodate a variety of needs, we offer multiple portrait packages to choose from.  Each contains a unique assortment of print sizes with the larger packages including bonus product for added value.  

Group Portraiture
Prestige knows how important it is to share moments of special events like these with friends.  Capturing these memories in the form of group portraiture is another area we specialize in.  Our group portrait packages are suited for any size group and allow for each participant to get professional quality prints.

Prestige gives you the option of personalizing your portraiture.  It may be important to add the theme of your dance, your school name, and date of your event.  This information may be captured in one, two or three lines of text.  The text used as well as it’s placement will be determined by your dance committee or school and will be present on all portraits purchased.  Contact your Local Prestige office for more details.

Event Books
Event Books help capture the entire story of the night.  To learn more about the many options available, contact your local Prestige Prom and Dance Representative.  Please click here to learn more about Event Books .

Specialty Items
Specialty items such as disposable cameras, CD holders, key chains, frames, and snow globes can make for nice parting gifts for your attendees.  Prestige offers a wide range of specialty items to help enhance your event.  Contact your local office to find out what’s available to you.

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